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Changelog for gmagick
Release What has changed?
2.0.6RC1 Works with PHP 8 but some fixes still required.
2.0.5RC1 hasNextImage() and hasPreviousImage() now actually returns TRUE on success (expected behaviour) instead of Gmagick object.
2.0.4RC1 Reinstate support for INTERLACE_NO, INTERLACE_NONE continue to be supported.
2.0.3RC1 Removed repeated constant INTERLACE_LINE and others that was causing errors (because of the redefinition).
2.0.2RC2 destroy() now only returns bool. Support for the way references are handled in PHP 7. New setColorCount() method.
2.0.2RC1 queryFontMetric empty image handling update. New get/setColorValueQuantum methods.
2.0.1RC3 Fix for setImagePage availability detection. Added hald_8.png test image.
2.0.1RC2 Extraneous optional parameter for blurImage and sharpenImage removed. Only two parameters are supported, radius and sigma. Also, a lot more image methods with corresponding tests.
2.0.1RC1 Updated GraphicsMagick version requirement.
2.0.0RC1 PHP 7 compatibility, typo within get_pointinfo_array fixed. Tested ok on GraphicsMagick 1.3.22+ with quantum depth = 16.
1.1.7RC3 setImagePage() and getImagePage() added
1.1.7RC2 Changes to update support for PHP 5.6.0beta
1.1.7RC1 setInterlaceScheme now returns Gmagick object itself instead of boolean
1.1.6RC3 Added set and get image compression with test.
1.1.6RC2 Incorporate Remi's patch on php_gmagick_zval_to_double_array
1.1.6RC1 Additional method: Set and get stroke dash array (on GmagickDraw)
Update version checks for method availability
Updated existing tests and added new test
1.1.5RC1 Additional methods:
Set and get stroke anti-alias.
Set and get stroke dash offest.
Set and get stroke line cap.
Set and get stroke line join.
Set and get stroke miter limit.
1.1.4RC1 From Remi Collet's patches:
1. Added Gmagick::QUANTUM_DEPTH constant
2. Added tests for environments where QUANTUM_DEPTH = 16 (with skip conditions for QUANTUM_DEPTH = 8)
3. Fix warning: implicit declaration of function 'php_gmagick_ensure_not_empty'
4. Fix: initialize stack = 0 in appendimages.
1.1.3RC1 1. unsharpenMaskImage method and corresponding test added.
2. Updated test for getQuantumDepth
3. Version number updated
1.1.2RC1 1. Version number updated.

2. levelImage() will now choose between MagickLevelImage and MagickLevelImageChannel depending on whether the channel is provided (the former if it isn't). To adjust the levels of an image by scaling the colours falling between specified white and black points to the full available quantum range, leave out the channel or use Gmagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT. The range of applicable channels for this method can be seen here:


Constants available here:

Method interface is preserved.

3. coalesceImage() method added.

4. sharpenImage() method added.
1.1.1RC1 GraphicsMagick backward-compatibility changes related to setCompressionQuality.
1.1.0RC3 Fix compatibility with GraphicsMagick 1.3.14. Bug #62034. Added sampleimage, cloneimage, appendimages methods.
1.1.0RC2 Fix version number (PHP_GMAGICK_VERSION). Bug #60807
1.1.0RC1 SafeModeMonitor now only available to PHP versions below 5.4. Small fix to newImage() and some additional tests for NULL conditions.
1.0.10b1 Added setGravity, getGravity to GmagickDraw
1.0.9b1 Added flattenImages and corrected GMAGICK_LIB_MASK define
1.0.8b3 Enable setCompressionQuality() only if GraphicsMagick 1.3.7 or higher is detected.
1.0.8b2 Minor fix to resizeImage parameters. Previously 4 parameters, now 5 (fit).
1.0.8b1 getImageBlob() now resets iterator before writing string. Good for GIFs.
1.0.7b1 Fix for writeImage exception handling
1.0.6b1 Filename check for writeImage with MagickGetImageFilename. Fix writeImage logic error in filename_len checking. Added affine method for GmagickDraw.
Added affine, getImageGeometry, getImage tests.
1.0.5b1 Added getImage, setImage and getImageGeomtry.
1.0.4b1 Added getNumberImages and getImageBlob.
1.0.3b5 Code enhancements for resize related methods. GraphicsMagick version on info table. Parameter parsing failure check.
1.0.3b4 Fixes to 64-bit issues and parameter ordering for cropthumbnail. setResourceLimit and getResourceLimit added.
1.0.3b3 Gmagick setCompressionQuality added.
1.0.3b2 Gmagick queryFontMetrics added.
1.0.3b1 GmagickPixel cloning bug fixed.
1.0.2b4 More fixes for error on make for Mac OS X 10.6.2
1.0.2b3 Fixed error on make for Mac OS X 10.6.2
1.0.2b2 Bug fixes on setFillColor, setStrokeColor, writeImage. Won't segfault if invalid object param supplied.
1.0.2b1 New LICENSE file
1.0.1c1 Added licensing information to comply to Fedora packaging license guideline
1.0.1b1 Fixes possible overflow in newimage. Resolved dependencies.
1.0.0b1 Support for older versions of GraphicsMagick
1.0.1a1 Added GraphicsMagick version check in config
1.0.0a3 Fixed versioning
Fixed GmagickDraw::ellipse method arguments
Fixed GmagickPixel::getColor method arguments
1.0a2 - Added __toString to support echo-ing of image objects
1.0a1 - First release with 136 methods for Gmagick (main), 34 for GmagickDraw and 5 for GmagickPixel
- Added newImage method using xc: pseudo-image


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