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Changelog for dio
Release What has changed?
0.3.0RC1 - drop support for PHP 5 and 7
- add type hinting
- raise TypeError and ValueError for unexpected parameters
0.2.2 - fix GH-12 Memory leak in dio_read
0.2.1 - fix windows build
0.2.0 - fix stream API for PHP 7.4+
0.1.0 - Fixed memory leak in dio_read (Dawid Zamirski)
- Fixed Bug #74209 dio_stat - appended nulls (Remi)
0.0.9 - fix segfault in dio_raw (php 7, big endian)
0.0.8 - PHP 5 and PHP 7 compatible version
- add more baudrates (Michael Heimpold)
0.0.7 Added far better windows error reporting. Warnings now raised when Win32 API
calls return errors. The warnings include the underlying Windows error
0.0.6 Fixes for bugs #61989 (PECL package "dio" will not compile against PHP-5.4.3)
and #62188 (Possible typo in errno check in dio_fdopen()).
0.0.5 Added dio_fdopen() and dio_dup().

dio_fdopen() returns a dio resource for an integer UNIX style file descriptor.

dio_dup() duplicates an existing stream.
0.0.4RC4 package.xml added to support installation using pear installer
Packaged so it can be used.
0.0.2 package.xml added to support intallation using pear installer
Packaged so it can be used.


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