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Changelog for bbcode
Release What has changed?
1.0.3b1 * Release of changes in svn
* Fixed Bug #16821 - PHP 5.3 Compat (lstrojny)
* Fixed Win Build (pajoye)
* Fixed Bug In quote Handling (jani)
* Code cleanup (jani)
* zend_error() was used instead of php_error_docref() (tony2001)
* Added 2 tests
1.0.2 * Corrected 64bit issues, long were used on too many places (#14517) thanks tony for the doc
* Corrected a segfault when quotes were not closed properly.
* Corrected errors given by scripts/dev/check_parameters.php.
* Added quote escaping (BBCODE_ARG_QUOTE_ESCAPING).
* Changed behaviour when a tag as an unclosed quoted argument.
Before 1.0.2 it would stop treating datas, now the parser continues just after the opening quote character.
* Added an escaping test case
1.0.1 * Corrected a 64bit issue, int were used in place of long
* Minor optimisations
* Corrected Thread safe error when compiling (#14333)
* Corrected MacOSX Header error (#14197)
* Corrected PHP 5.3 ZVAL_ADDREF change
* Corrected Callbacks where not freed when using object it was causing a segfault(#13603)
* Updated bstrlib
1.0.0 * No code Change - only released as stable
0.10.4 * Corrected bug 12240
* Corrected bug 12241
* Added test case in order to cover the function bbcode_add_element
0.10.3 * Corrected a possible Double Free off tag arguments.
* Corrected a possible Segmentation Fault on incorrect close tags.
** Corrected incorrect detection of close tags when ] was missing at the end of the string.
* Added efree for smileys initialisation that was leading to runtime leaking.
* Make the DISABLE_TREE_BUILD work +added test
* Added BBCODE_FLAGS_DENY_REOPEN_CHILD to permits some tags to Deny child reopening
* Added BBCODE_SMILEYS_CASE_INSENSITIVE to permits case insensitive smileys detection
* Corrected Memory leaking of smileys strings.
* Makes bbcode_set_flags work correctly.
0.10.2 * Corrected Segfault when unpaired Tags where found

* Exposed smiley API
* Exposed Argument Parser API
* Exposed parser option API
** Added the ability to alter parser behaviour at run time

* Exposed more flags for tag options
** Added REMOVE_TAG_IF_EMPTY option on tag level

* Fixed some weird behaviour on special parse method
0.9.1 Corrected config.m4 - build problem
0.10.1 * Added Tests
* Corrected Callbacks Seg-Faults
* Removed Double Free
* Corrected Incorrect Results
* Corrected Arg Parsing
* Corrected Arg Quoting


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