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Changelog for PECL_Gen
Release What has changed?
0.9.9 - package has been discontinued
0.8.5 - fixed method renaming inconsistencies introduced with 0.8.4
- config.m4 additions can now be placed at 'top' or 'bottom' of config.m4
- '--force' does not remove the target directory anymore
- '#include <php.h>' moved out of #ifdef block to allow static builds
- 'extern "C"' specifications added on C++ builds
- container tags like <functions> or <globals> are now optional
- pecl-gen will now set exit status on errors
0.8.4 This is the first release living in PECL insteat of PEAR.

Technical changes are:

- improved PECL CS compliance of generated code
- generated config.m4 supports both shared and static build
- code snippets may be read from files instead of beeing
embedded in CDATA sections
- improved resource parameter handling
- shortcuts for constants that just mimic C constants
- global 'code' tag finally works as documented
- files can be added using 'file' tag in 'deps'
- ...
0.8.3 Discontinued in PEAR, PECL_Gen now lives in the PECL repository instead
0.8.2 - fixed a bug in the parser that rendered 0.8.1 almost useless :(
0.8.1 - custom test generation added
- minor DTD changes
- code reformatted for better PEAR coding standards compliance
- additional tools for whitespace and indentation management
0.8.0 - added documentation
- check for reserved words
- check for duplicate names
- config,m4 header files check added
- config.m4 support for makefile fragments
0.7.0 - a README file is written containing information on
how to continue after an extension was generated
- --function="proto" writes function stub to stdout
- --stubs=filename now supported in ext_skel BC mode
- added --help and --version options
- added a short feedback howto message
(can be disabled using --quiet)
- --with-xml works again
(ext_skel compatibility)
- will now only purge and overwrite existing target directory
if '--force' is requested on cmd line
- .cvsignore created with platform-specific entries
- PEARifying error reporting finished
0.6.1 typo fix in package.xml dependencies entry for XML_Parser
0.6.0 Moved from php5/scripts to PEAR.


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