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Changelog for PDO_INFORMIX
Release What has changed?
1.3.6 Including the Fix for buffer overflow issue wiht UTF-8.
1.3.5 Added Support for PHP 8.1 version.
1.3.4 Added Supportfor PHP 8 version.
1.3.3 Fixed compilation issue with the PHP 5.6 release.
1.3.2 Added the php 7 support
1.3.1 Fixed: Segmentation fault while fetching null value for Integer Field in specific case
1.3.0 Fixed: PDO:query function gives segfault when pdo_informix build with CFLAGS -m64
1.2.7 Fixed: Problem related to dynamic loading
Fixed: Compilation error with php-5.4.x
1.2.6 Fixing defect related value of Interval is right shifted.

1.2.5 Bug of SEGV when execute is used with bind_param on parameter markers BLOB/CLOB type fixed.
Problem while inserting NULL in CLOB field.
Bug fixed - PDO error info throws SEGV on SQL_SUCCESS.
Updating test cases.

1.2.0 Added feature to allow set attribute and quote.
Problem with LOBs has been fixed.
Segfault when using invalid query with deferred prepare has been fixed.
Fixed PDO exec API. It return succuss/failure if no rows need to be returned.
Fixed PDO_INFORMIX variable declarations location problem on Windows.
Fixed problem with Statement execution (Not throwing an exception).

1.1.0 Fixed internal bug regarding wrong getAttribute information
Fixed internal bug regarding error description not being cleared
Fixed internal bug regarding an issue found when faulty SQL is issued
Fixed internal bug regarding float data type issues

1.0.1 Added LOB Stream implementation to comply with PDO spec. (Currently only supports text/byte columns)
Fixed a segfault that occured when more than one stream was bound to prepared statement.
Bugfix PECL#6717: PHP segfaults when trying execute prepared, parameterized SQL.
Fixed issue where error codes were not being cleared.
Fixed segfault caused by trying to report a PHP exception using a stale connection handle.

1.0.0 First stable version of PDO_INFORMIX driver for PDO.
Note that on Windows, large objects (LOBs) are currently returned as long strings instead of streams.
Fixed issue where re-executing a statement would crash because column descriptors were being released at the wrong time.
Fixed the behavior of PDO transactions to comply with PDO spec.
Fixed bug where PDO::PARAM_LOB was not processed properly causing an exception when binding a string value to a varchar using PDO::PARAM_LOB
Fixed a bug which caused a crash when binding multiple stream based LOB parameters.
Fixed how text,binary,clob,blob fields are bound to columns.
Added feature to allow bound lob columns to return a stream.

0.2.1 Compiling on Windows is now possible.

0.1 Initial version of PDO_IDS driver for PDO.


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