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Changelog for PDO_IBM
Release What has changed?
1.6.1 This fixes a packaging issue that prevented the PECL command from being able to install the package. Manual installations weren't affected.
1.6.0 - Support for PHP 8.3
- Support for boolean data type (IBM i 7.5, Db2/LUW 9.6)
- Fix incorrect buffer size for SQLBindParameter (causing -902 otherwise)
- Fix error handling for IBM i attributes
- Improve error reporting when SQLGetDiagRec fails
- Build system improvements for finding driver library
- CI and test suite improvements
1.5.0 * 2022-03-21: 1.5.0
- PHP 8.1 support
- On IBM i, support INI option for CCSID override
- On IBM i, support INI option for pessimistic DBCS alloc
- Resolve crash with LOBs
- Fix build issues with MSVC
- Fix detecting CLI driver on 64-bit Windows
- Use modern PDO includes check (resolves compatibility with i.e. Ubuntu, MacPorts)
- Fix tests for PHP 8.1 and modern Db2 LUW
- Clean up IBM i command helpers
- Fix improper return types and declarations
1.4.2 * 2021-09-30: 1.4.2
- Enable liveness checks on all platforms
- Fix build issue with ulong on some platforms (did not affect Linux/IBM i)
- Remove spurious warnings from closing the environment handle on IBM i
- Enable processing driver options before connection (fixes naming mode issues on IBM i)
- Getter for current naming mode on IBM i
1.4.1 * 2020-12-22: 1.4.1
- Fix memory leaks
- Remove PHP compatibility stubs and ifdefs
- Fix compile warnings
- Fix tests with PHP 8 exceptions
1.4.0 * 2020-12-01: 1.4.0
- Compatibility with PHP 8
- Merge Tony Cairns' fork with IBM i compatibility fixes
- Fix compatibility with 64-bit PASE/modern IBM i (sqlcli-dev package, pointer/integer width mismatch, XMLSERVICE location, etc)
- Major improvements to test suite (fix broken tests, less hardcoding)
- Handle CCSID 65535 on IBM i
- Fix warnings
1.3.6 Fix the compilation issue on windows.
1.3.5 Added fix for defect 72121 and multibyte fix which was delivered by IBM for defect 64008 in PDO_INFORMIX in 1.3.3
1.3.4 Fixed: Added PHP 7 support.
1.3.3 Fixed: Segmentation fault on getColumnMeta
Fixed: PDO_IBM driver needs to return SQL error codes
Fixed: should throw a PDOException if someone tries to use DDL and placeholders
Fixed: Nested queries returns corrupted rows or segmentation fault
Fixed: Compilation error with php-5.4.x
1.3.2 Adding support for Client Info (IDS Feature).
Adding support for ISAM Error code (IDS Feature).
1.3.1 Problem related to dynamic loading is fixed.
1.3.0 Adding support for V6R1 i-Series systems.
Switch various BINARY/CHAR mismatch bind types for ASCII/EBCDIC.
DBCLOB added for i5 meta data, etc.

1.2.5 Adding trusted context support.
Bug of SEGV when execute is used with bind_param on parameter markers BLOB/CLOB type fixed.
Updating test cases.

1.2.4 Adding test cases.

1.2.3 Rolled back fix for selecting LOB with an empty string("")

1.2.2 Defect fixes for large objects when dealing with nulls and empty strings

1.2.1 Minor release to fix formatting and remove generic non-PDO_IBM code
New Feature: Added support for lastInsertId() method
New Feature: Added support for PDO::ATTR_SERVER_INFO connection attribute
Improved unit test coverage for DB2 and IDS 11

1.2.0 New Feature: Added support for lastInsertId() method
New Feature: Added support for PDO::ATTR_SERVER_INFO connection attribute
Improved unit test coverage for DB2 and IDS 11

1.1.1 New feature: quote function supported
New feature: set_attribute feature supported
Fix for internal defect: bindParam crash
Fixed Pecl defect 10398: statement->execute is not throw exception
Fixed config.w32 regarding compile issue on Windows
Fix for internal defect: exec function not returning success/failure when no rows need be returned
Fix for internal defect: fix for segfault when using bad SQL

1.1.0 Fixed internal bug regarding wrong getAttribute information
Fixed internal bug regarding error description not being cleared
Fixed internal bug regarding an issue found when faulty SQL is issued
Fixed internal bug regarding float data type issues

1.0.0 Stable version of the PDO_IBM driver

0.9.0 Initial version of the PDO_IBM driver


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