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Changelog for openswoole
Release What has changed?
4.8.1 - Fix build with postgresql 9 on RHEL
- Fix data type bugs
4.8.0 - Official PHP 8.1 stable support ????
- Native support for Postgres coroutine client, enable --with-postgres[=DIR]
- New HTTP server option: max_request_execution_time
- Support strict type hinting and fix the type of arguments, return value
- Bug fixed: data loss bug in Swoole table
- Bug fixed: compile issues when enabling OpenSSL on macOS
- Throw \Swoole\Exception when Swoole table is too small to avoid data loss
- Deprecation warning added: Swoole\Coroutine\Server
- Deprecation warning added: Swoole\Coroutine\Barrier
- Deprecation warning added: Swoole\Coroutine\Http\Server
- Deprecation warning added: SWOOLE_HOOK_CURL, use SWOOLE_HOOK_NATIVE_CURL
4.7.2 1. Extension name changed to be openswoole
2. Bug fixed: PHP8.0 compatible issues
3. Bug fixed: PHP8.0 and Symfony HTTP client compatible issues
5. Updated Server id to be OpenSwoole-v4.x.x, Client id to be OpenSwoole/v4.x.x
6. Bug fixed: HTTP2 flow control bugs
7. Support ssl_ciphers in Swoole Client
8. Bug fixed: curl_multi_select CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT bug
9. Bug fixed: openswoole_postgresql compile issues on MacOS
4.7.1 New feature
* Introduce a new concurrency mode (#4330) (@doubaokun)

* Supported query /etc/hosts for System::dnsLookup (#4341) (#4349) (@zmyWL) (@NathanFreeman)
* Supported boost context support for mips64 (#4358) (@dixyes)
* Supported CURLOPT_RESOLVE option for SWOOLE_HOOK_CURL (swoole/library#107) (@sy-records)
* Supported CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS for SWOOLE_HOOK_CURL (swoole/library#117) (@sy-records)
* Supported boost context support for riscv64 (#4375) (@dixyes)

* Fixed memory error on shutdown (PHP-8.1) (#4325) (@twose)
* Fixed not serializable classes for 8.1.0beta1 (#4335) (@remicollet)
* Fixed multiple coroutines recursively creating directories (#4337) (@NathanFreeman)
* Fixed native curl bugs (#4360) (@matyhtf)
* Fixed PDOStatement::bindParam() expects parameter 1 to be string (swoole/library#116) (@sy-records)


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