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# Package name Description  
16 llvm Zend bytecode to LLVM assembly compiler
17 memsession In-memory session extension
18 memtrack PHP extension to watch (unusually high) memory consumption in PHP scripts
19 meta Build ASTs and CSTs from PHP source code
20 Molten molten is transparency tool for application tracing it self module call
21 mono Allows you to access .NET assemblies from PHP
22 operator Operator overloading for Objects
23 optimizer PHP optimizer extension for APC
24 params Parameter Parsing Utility
25 parsekit PHP Opcode Analyser
26 Parse_Tree Generates a parse tree for a PHP source file in XML format.
27 pcs PHP Code Service
28 phar allows running of complete applications out of .phar files (like Java .jar files)
29 phk An optional accelerator for Automap and PHK
30 PHPScript Allows you to use PHP as an ActiveScript engine from within other applications

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