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redis 5.2.0

Package Information
Summary PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
Maintainers Nicolas Favre-Felix (lead) [details]
Michael Grunder < michael dot grunder at gmail dot com > (lead) [details]
Pavlo Yatsukhnenko (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description This extension provides an API for communicating with Redis servers.
Homepage https://github.com/phpredis/phpredis/
Release notes
Version 5.2.0
phpredis 5.2.0

- There were no changes between 5.2.0RC2 and 5.2.0.

phpredis 5.2.0RC2

* Include RedisSentinelTest.php in package.xml! [eddbfc8f] (Michael Grunder)
* Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning [740b8c87] (Remi Collet)
* Fix improper destructor when zipping values and scores [371ae7ae]
(Michael Grunder)
* Use php_rand instead of php_mt_rand for liveness challenge string
[9ef2ed89] (Michael Grunder)

phpredis 5.2.0RC1

This release contains initial support for Redis Sentinel as well as many
smaller bug fixes and improvements. It is especially of interest if you
use persistent connections, as we've added logic to make sure they are in
a good state when retreving them from the pool.

IMPORTANT: Sentinel support is considered experimental and the API
will likely change based on user feedback.

* Sponsors
~ Audiomack.com - https://audiomack.com
~ Till Kruss - https://github.com/tillkruss


* Initial support for RedisSentinel [90cb69f3, c94e28f1, 46da22b0, 5a609fa4,
383779ed] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

* Houskeeping (spelling, doc changes, etc) [23f9de30, d07a8df6, 2d39b48d,
0ef488fc, 2c35e435, f52bd8a8, 2ddc5f21, 1ff7dfb7, db446138] (Tyson Andre,
Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder, Tyson Andre)

* Fix for ASK redirections [ba73fbee] (Michael Grunder)
* Create specific 'test skipped' exception [c3d83d44] (Michael Grunder)
* Fixed memory leaks in RedisCluster [a107c9fc] (Michael Grunder)
* Fixes for session lifetime values that underflow or overflow [7a79ad9c,
3c48a332] (Michael Grunder)
* Enables slot caching for Redis Cluster [23b1a9d8] (Michael Booth)

* Support TYPE argument for SCAN [8eb39a26, b1724b84, 53fb36c9, 544e641b]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

* Added challenge/response mechanism for persistent connections [a5f95925,
25cdaee6, 7b6072e0, 99ebd0cc, 3243f426] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)

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