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Changelog for event
Release What has changed?
2.4.3 Fixed config.w32 to take in account newer OpenSSL, which fixes build with PHP 7.2 (by Anatol Belski).
2.4.2 Fixed: SSL verification callback failed when EventSslContext was used with either EventBufferEvent::createSslFilter or EventBufferEvent::sslFilter.
2.4.1 Fixed issue #52: namespace issues when installing via pecl command in non-interactive mode.
2.4.0 Replaced obsolete AC_TRY_COMPILE with AC_COMPILE_IFELSE in config.m4
2.4.0RC3 Fixed test error on RHEL 6/7 (thanks to Remi Collet).
2.4.0RC2 Fixed tests/12-serialization.phpt (thanks to Remi Collet)
Fixed issue #49: "Invalid file descriptor" exceptions in PHP 7.2. Due to
Zend API changes in PHP 7.2, Event stream arguments were accepted by
2.4.0RC1 Issue #46: Class name conflict with Laravel and Lumen.
Added --with-event-ns configuration option.
2.3.0 Fixed build errors with LibreSSL
2.3.0RC1 Add: EventSslContext methods: setMinProtoVersion and setMaxProtoVersion for OpenSSL >= 1.1.0.
Fix: compilation warnings regarding OpenSSL features deprecated in version 1.0.0 and newer.
Deprecated: EventSslContext protocol version options are deprecated for OpenSSL >= 1.1.0.
Use the new setMinProtoVersion and setMaxProtoVersion methods instead.
Fix: build failed with custom openssl setup (non-standard --with-openssl-dir)
2.2.1 Fix: issue #31 where numeric file descriptor caused segmentation fault
2.1.0 Add: EventUtil::SOCK_RAW constant
Add: EventSslContext option constants: OPT_REQUIRE_CLIENT_CERT and OPT_VERIFY_CLIENT_ONCE
Fix: EventBufferEvent::createPair caused segmentation fault in PHP7
SSL Fixes:
- chained self-signed certificate failed to pass with EventSslContext::OPT_ALLOW_SELF_SIGNED = TRUE
- the server didn't set the list of CAs to be sent to the client when requesting a client certificate for underlying SSL structure
- EventSslContext::OPT_ALLOW_SELF_SIGNED = TRUE accepted any self-signed certificate without regard to OPT_CA_FILE/OPT_CA_PATH
Fix: PHP 7.1.0alpha1 build errors
2.0.4 Issue #28: event-2.0.3 Windows build fails
2.0.3 Issue #27: PHP > 7.0.6RC1 build fails
2.0.2 PHP7: fixed random EDOM errors in EventUtil::setSocketOption
2.0.1 PHP7: Protected user callbacks from destruction within libevent callbacks
2.0.0 Fixed some memory issues in PHP7
- SSL leaks
- Possibility of implicit destruction of user vars
- Unclean SSL bufferevent shutdown
- EventBufferEvent::free() within a callback damaged zvals bound to corresponding bufferevent thereby causing SEGFAULT

Fixed PHP5/PHP7 memory issue: string returned by EventBuffer::pullup() was not zero-terminated
2.0.0RC2 Fixed Mac OS X build errors
2.0.0RC1 PHP7 support added.

- issue #23: memory leak in EventHttpConnection close callback + memory leaks in HTTP callbacks.
- Libevent 'unrecoverable' fatal errors(fixed by stopping the loop in EventBase free-storage handler).

API changes:
- EventUtil::createSocket method added(PHP7)
- The first(EventBase) argument of EventBufferEvent::sslFilter method is deprecated, since the internal EventBase object must match EventBase object within the underlying EventBufferEvent
- Added EventBufferEvent::createSslFilter method as a replacement for the sslFilter method.
1.11.3 Issue #20: SSL_GET_PREV_SESSION:session id context uninitialized
1.11.2 Issue #6: memory leaks in EventHttp callbacks.
EventBufferEvent object returned by EventHttpRequest::getBufferEvent() should be freed explicitly,
if the method is called from a userspace callback.
1.11.1 Fixed build with old openssl (RHEL-5) (thanks to Remi Collet)
1.11.0 Fix: exceptions thrown from EventHttp and EventBufferEvent userspace callbacks were not passed through back to user.
Now the event loop will break and re-throw the exception.
Add: EventBase::free method
Add: EventBufferEvent methods:
- close
- sslGetCipherInfo
- sslGetCipherName
- sslGetCipherVersion
- sslGetProtocol
Add: EventSslContext options:
- OPT_NO_TLSv1_1
- OPT_NO_TLSv1_2
(Thanks to Mathieu CARBONNEAUX @ bitbucket.org)
Issue #13: EventBufferEvent::__construct failed to accept a persistent
1.10.3 Issue #8: pecl install failed due to the REST API issues with Unicode
1.10.2 Fix: EventBufferEvent::read() accepted negative values
Fix: TSRM context was not set in EventHttp::__construct (J?nos Fekete)
Fix: refcounter in EventHttp's default callback (J?nos Fekete)
1.10.1 Deleted a troublesome phpt test
1.10.0 Issue #3: Segmentation fault on EventHttpRequest->free() (Bitbucket's tracker).
Add: EventHttpConnection::__construct() now optionally accepts EventSslContext argument (issue #5).
Add: EventHttp::__construct() now accepts EventSslContext object as argument.
1.9.1 Fix: return value of EventBase::reInit() was inverted
issue #7: PHP_EVENT_REQUIRE_BASE_BY_REF() didn't work in 5.6.0-dev (fixed by Remi Collet)
1.9.0 Windows support introduced(thanks to Anatol Belski <ab@php.net>)

LIBEVENT_VERSION is now reported in phpinfo(Remi <remi@php.net>)

Forced passing EventBase argument by reference. A method accepting EventBase
will generate fatal error in case if corresponding argument is not passed by

EventBufferEvent::createPair method made static.
1.8.1 Fix: Bug #65847 Issue with old libevent2 where evhttp_connection_get_bufferevent function was not available with libevent version < 2.0.17 (thanks to Remi <remi@php.net>)
1.8.0 Add: EventHttpRequest methods: getBufferEvent, getConnection, closeConnection(thanks to rickysu at Bitbucket)
Add: EventHttpConnection::setCloseCallback method
1.7.8 Fix: build error on Solaris
Introduced negative dependencies: libevent extension, windows OS
1.7.7 Fix: incorrect handling of sockets extension dependency
(a hack for distros installing sockets separately)
1.7.6 Change: sockets extension is now required(see bug #65597). The user can still
turn off this requirement explicitly with --disable-event-sockets configure
1.7.5 Fix: build error with custom libevent installation prefixes like /lib(John Wamer)
1.7.4 Fix: Segmentation fault caused by direct access to the zend object properties' hash table
1.7.3 Fix: in php_event.c write_property function was non-static
Fix: absence of get_gc property handler caused segfaults with gc_collect_cycles()
1.7.2 Fix: bug #65320 where we got build errors in attempts to compile event statically(thanks to florin)
Fix: bug #65319 where config.m4 used <php_version.h> to detect current PHP version
Fix: config.m4 included -levent_pthreads into LDFLAGS even --without-event-pthreads configuration
Fix: evthread_use_pthreads() call skept due to a "macro magic"(PHP_EVENT_ASSERT)
1.7.1 Fix: segmentation fault on gc_collect_cycles() after calling Event::free(), 5lava @ Bitbucket reported
Fix: assignment reference to "data" property caused 'Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object'
Fix: evnt object dtors sometimes didn't free the 'data' member until the script shutdown phase
1.7.0 Merged in 5lava/pecl-event (pull request #1) @bitbucket:
Fix: EventBufferEvent::setTimeouts() didn't work with double values
Fix: EventBuffer::copyout() didn't work in some cases
Add: EventBuffer::readFrom() method (corresponds to evbuffer_read())
Add: EventUtil::getSocketFD() method
1.6.2 Fix: bug #64678 where Fedora Packaging Guidlines required LICENSE file
Fix: bug #64680 where we should check for SKIP_ONLINE_TESTS environment variable
Fix: bug #64679 where we had buffer overflow caused by struct sockaddr_storage * pointer
1.6.1 Fix: bug #64652 where Event::__construct returned valid object, however, with
uninitialized internal struct which caused segmentation faults in further
method calls
1.6.0 Fix: bug #64551 with build failed on Mac OS X
Fix: address argument of the listener accept callback contained garbage in case of a client connected via UNIX domain socket
Add: EventBuffer::write, EventUtil::setSocketOption methods and some constants
Refact: automatically set the upper bound of EventBuffer::search to the buffer length, if it is greater then the length
Fix: make the code compatible with PHP 5.5.0 .. 5.6.0-dev
Fix: build error with zts PHP setup
Fix: build error with libevent_extra disabled
Add: EventListener fd readonly property for numeric file descriptor of the socket associated with the listener
Add: EventBuffer::substr method

Renamed EventBuffer::remove to EventBuffer::read, EventBuffer::read now takes only max_bytes argument and returns string.
Renamed EventBuffer::removeBuffer to EventBuffer::appendFrom
EventBuffer::read now takes single argument 'size' and returns the string read
1.5.1 Fix: EventBuffer::removeBuffer returned boolean instead of the number of bytes read
Add: EventBuffer::fd property
Change: EventBuffer class is not final any more
1.5.0 Fix: uninitialized socket caused segmentation fault in EventBufferEvent methods
Del: EventBufferPosition class removed, EventBuffer::search now accepts and returns integers
Add: EventBuffer::searchEol method
Add: EventUtil::getSocketName method
Add: EventListener::getSocketName method
Fix: memory leak due to lack of zend_hash_destroy on the ssl context options
Add: support of UNIX domain sockets in EventListener::__construct, EventBufferEvent::connect methods
1.4.0 Add: HTTP server support:
* EventHttp methods: setMaxBodySize, setMaxHeadersSize, setTimeout,
addServerAlias, removeServerAlias setCallback, setDefaultCallback,
setAllowedMethods, setMaxBodySize, setMaxHeadersSize, setTimeout,
addServerAlias, removeServerAlias;
* EventHttpRequest class, callback and custom data can be bound to the
request for future use with EventHttpConnection
* New EventHttpConnection::makeRequest method allows to make custom HTTP
requests by means of EventHttpRequest class
Change: make EventDnsBase parameter optional in EventHttpConnection::__construct
Fix: classes/buffer_event.c: possible memory access violation in bufferevent callback
Fix: turn off buggy libevent thread lock debugging when built with --enable-event-debug
1.3.0 Fix: possible memory access violations in EventBufferEvent input/output property handlers
Change: Event::$timer_pending property removed; generic Event::$pending property added
Fix: With OPT_LEAVE_SOCKETS_BLOCKING flag EventListener::__construct turned fd to non-blocking mode
Fix: property and class HashTable's were not free'd in MSHUTDOWN
Add: Event::$data property
Fix: Event::__construct failed with Event::TIMEOUT flag
Fix: memory leak in EventBuffer::readLine
Add: --with-event-pthreads configure option
Fix: EventBase::reInit method's arginfo
1.2.6 Fix: with OpenSSL turned off got error: undefined symbol: zim_EventUtil_sslRandPoll
Add: implemented get_properties property handler(is called when one casts an object to array)
Refact: removed memory alloc for empty property hashtables
Fix: heap corruption caused by EventBufferEvent callbacks(thanks to Marco Schuster)
Fix: continuous calls to EventBufferEvent::setCallbacks didn't free old fci/fcc(thanks to Marco Schuster)
Fix: possible heap corruption in EventListener's callback
Add: EventBase::resume method
1.2.5 This is the first release on PECL since 1.0.0. Previous releases are available
here: https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/pecl-event

Add: callbacks and the callback arg are now passed to EventBufferEvent::__construct as optional arguments
Change: EventBufferEvent enable/disable methods return bool now
Change: instead of stream pass numeric file descriptor to EventListener's accept-connection callback
Fix: unneeded Z_ADDREF_P() calls in EventListener, EventBufferEvent constructors and factory methods
Fix: EventListener cached file descriptor for all connections
0.9.1 Added event_timeout() function for easily scheduling a callback after a certain
period of time. The timeout may be persistent to make the callback a recurrent

Fixed an issue with timercmp() on windows that caused a busy wait when the
scheduler could have performed a sleep.

Windows scheduling engine now also processes the message queue while waiting;
useful for COM/GUI based scripts.

Fixed build for threaded systems with real signals.

Supports epoll(4), poll(2) and select(2) IO notification engines.
Support for /dev/poll and kqueue is pending.

On Windows, currently only sockets can participate in the IO notification engine.
0.9 Supports epoll(4), poll(2) and select(2) IO notification engines.
Support for /dev/poll and kqueue is pending.

On Windows, currently only sockets can participate in the IO notification engine.


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